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Diet Racism

1 min

Brought to you by CollegeHumor, this video asks: “Do you think it’s only fair that there be a White History Month? Then we’ve got the soda for you!” 

How to Tell Black People Apart

2 mins

Featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, David Alan Grier promotes his new educational book that teaches how to tell black people apart. 

I Enjoy Being White

2 mins

Comedian Louis C.K. shares the joys of being white. 

Reverse Racism

3 mins

Comedian Aamer Rahman explains what the world would have to look like if reverse racism were really a thing.

What Kind of Asian Are You?

2 mins

In this video, an encounter between two joggers goes from friendly to insensitive when a man insists on figuring out where a woman is really from. 

White Fragility in the Workplace

5 mins

This tongue-in-cheek video teaches us all how to be more sensitive in the workplace to...wait for it...white people.

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