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Conversation Guides

- Dialogue topics and exercises  - 

by Paul Kivel

This discussion guide lists 21 statements that describe instances of racial privilege. When a statement applies to someone, that person must either stand or raise their hand. Suggested discussion prompts then help participants understand that not everyone is born with equal opportunity.

by Paul Kivel

In this exercise, sometimes known as “the privilege walk,” participants stand in a line at the center of the room. Based on the provided statements, they take a step forward or backward according to whether a statement applies to them, visually demonstrating their different social statuses in society.  The guide also includes suggestions for a follow-up discussion.

by Chicago Theology Seminary

This guide offers a list of questions to foster an open dialogue about white privilege as well as suggestions on how to perform a “White Privilege Audit.” It also provides a list of additional educational resources.

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