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I lead workshops on implicit bias and on race and privilege for groups of various sizes, age groups and all types of workplaces and communities (including nonprofits, educators, government entities, law firms and communities of faith). These workshops are positive, community-building and interactive. I tailor the workshop to the specifics of your industry and workplace through research and staff interviews. We work together in three required follow-up sessions (and more if you desire) to help ensure that the learnings that stem from the workshop continue to translate into action and/or an action plan.


I have given talks on white privilege and racism and on finding common ground on divisive culture issues at houses of worship, universities, schools and community centers. My messages are tailored to the unique experiences of my audience. Whether it is a keynote address or a sermon, I share my own personal experiences, discuss the work of other thought leaders, and use a positive framework to encourage active engagement and dialogue.



I consult for various types of workplaces to help them achieve cultures of greater inclusion. I co-founded the Woodrow Wilson High School Diversity Task Force with Principal Kim Martin and in just one year, we have already made innovative, concrete and measurable changes to bridge the achievement and well-being gap. No matter what your workplace, I get to know it, bring promising ideas and avant-garde models to consider and work with you to arrive at and implement your goals.



I have guest lectured for a number of university classes ranging from University of Maryland's Inequality in America (SOC 241) and Contemporary Social Problems (SOC 105) to North Carolina State University's Black Popular Culture (AFS 346) to American University's Women, the Law and the Legal Profession (GOVT 485).


To see a collection of my work on white privilege and racism visit my Huffington Post author page. Recent pieces include: Why I am Atoning for Racism, Flawed but Determined: Becoming a White Supporter of Racial Justice and Uncovering My White Privilege on Yom Kippur.

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